Frank Capri Introduces Toby Keith in Style with I Love This Bar & Grill


Especially for those who have never had authentic Southern food, Frank Capri‘s I Love This Bar & Grill, inspired by Toby Keith and his 2003 single, is a must-visit. Throw away any preconceived notions about chain restaurants and make time for a visit. After tasting the hearty dishes, hearing the live music, and getting a glimpse of the decor and atmosphere, it is pretty easy to do.


Even if the food does not sound appealing, it is absolutely imperative that you check out the bar. It is obviously named after the Toby Keith song, but everyone who sees the bars shaped like giant guitars will know where it really got its name! In this fresh, modern, and still very Southern atmosphere, it is difficult not to settle in and have yourself a nice SoCo and lime cocktail — or one of the many other Southern favorites.


However, anyone who is a fan of country will find it difficult not to dine here upon seeing that country videos are played from all the giant TVs and cowgirls serve all the delicious food. Once it gets late enough, the nightlife of the bar is always a good time. Many nights, the bar hosts local country bands to play some live music, and on others, DJs play your country favorites to which everyone can groove and have a great night out.


This restaurant’s menu is on par with the quality of the music, atmosphere, and bar, too. You probably have not had homemade pecan and sweet potato pie ala mode since your last Sunday dinner in the south, and rest assured there is no other restaurant that features a fried bologna and cheese on the menu! It is also impossible to ignore how big the portions are in comparison with the relatively small prices.


Many diners seem to think that the sides alone are reason enough to have a meal, and if this is the case, side-lovers rejoice. They will be swooning over the succulent mashed sweet potatoes and the fried cornmeal okra. Something about creamed corn just reminds you of home, and everyone knows it has to be done right — you have to try it to believe that it tastes just like it was made in Mom’s kitchen.


Toby Keith lovers have been known to raid the gift shop on their way out, which is packed with an inventory of southern-inspired memorabilia. Whether you want to recreate a recipe at home or rock some southern garb, there is everything from barbecue rubs to cowboy hats for sale in these shops. For some, this is reason enough to check out I Love This Bar & Grill — but you better bring your appetite!

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